Trail Reports

We do NOT rent snowmobiles, sorry


Please people be careful out there, Groomers have the right of way and run day or night

Most trails were groomed the 10th and we are getting reports that things are "alright" out there. Have some base since we've stayed off them throughout the bad weather and let things pile up a bit before panning. Still a long way to go to get to "great" status, but rideable. Watch for minor debris on the trails and the typical "barely hidden" root or rock just below the surface, and help out if things can be thrown out of the way. These are YOUR trails, we love to help, but we'd love YOU to help too!

Did you know...
that it cost $5.13 to groom one mile of trail during the 2016-2017 season? If you divide that $5.13 into the $48 trail permit cost, you will see that after you have ridden just a few short miles the $48 spent on the permit has been used up.


We need you
If your reading this and ride our trails, we need your help,we are in need of members. We are one of Michigans oldest clubs, forming in 1969, over the years membership has gone up and down, right now we have less than thirty members on the rolls and probably only twelve actually do all the work. Even if you can`t help all the time with brushing in the fall or grooming thru the winter, some help, when ever available would be more than welcome. If you can`t help physically your membership dues helps us do the things the DNR doesn`t help with. Again, if you like smooth trails, we need you, the trails don`t groom themselves.